Our Project Staff

Younghye Seo Whitney

(Curtin University/ANU)

Younghye is Centre Manager of the Korea Research Centre of Western Australia. In the Centre, Younghye assists the project team with the development and maintaining of the Centre’s website and social media content; organising and coordinating Centre activities such as workshops, seminar series, and conferences; and engaging with Centre-related external projects and activities.

Younghye is working on her PhD through the Australian National University. Her doctoral research project focuses on the role played by transnational intellectual networks in South Korea’s pro-democracy movement during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Through a social network analysis approach to primary source materials, Younghye is endeavouring to rediscover an intricate network of actors that operated between Korea and Japan during this period.

In addition to her research activities, Younghye teaches Korean language at Curtin University.