In addition to academic conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops, the Centre runs a number of co-hosted events on issues of importance to Western Australia’s engagement with Korea ranging from public diplomacy, industry engagement and policy development. Our collaboration partners have included Australia Korea Business Council of WA, the City of Perth, DFAT, JTSI and the UWA Defence and Security Institute. 

Seminar Series 

KRC Seminar Series feature both KRC research webinars, and visiting speakers. Click here for a link of previous talks.

PhD and Honours student theory reading group

The PhD and Honours students' theory reading group meets every Friday at the Centre from 12-2pm. 


Collaborative research laboratories (Korea Research Collaboratories) are intensive research workshops designed to foster communication and advancement around a key theme in modern Korean society and scholarship. Leading researchers are invited to participate in these 1-2 day events. The sessions are open to wider audiences. Each workshop is led by a core staff member of the Centre and focussed around their particular expertise in line with the key overarching themes of the Centre.  Our first Collaboratory took place in November 2023 on the topic of "Korean and Japanese Male Beauty Aesthetics". 

Student Workshops 

These workshops are designed to focus on core skills development among the Honours, postgraduate and early career school community. Over two days, students come together to discuss critical methodologies and common research techniques in the context of their research. Each workshop is led by a core staff member of the Centre and focused around their particular area of expertise.  

Australia-Korea Industry and Community Engagement Dialogues 

The Centre active collaborates with external key stake holders to facilitate industry dialogues between scholars, government and community actors, and the industry to address issues of importance to Australia-Korea relations.