KRC Scholarships

Research Scholarships for Korean Studies Students in 2023

1. AKS-KRC PhD Scholarship

KRC offers a PhD maintenance scholarship of $32,250 per annum for 3.5 years. The scholarship includes a tuition fee scholarship offered by Curtin University School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry. This scholarship is awarded to one high achieving international student this year. This scholarship is funded from AKS Core grant AKS-2022-OLU-225005.

Applications for this scholarship have now closed.

Congratulations to Michelle Camille H. Correa for being selected for this scholarship. 

Her PhD thesis will examine the intersection between migration, diaspora, and media with a case study on the Korean diaspora who become celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry.

2. AKS-KRC Honours/Masters Scholarships (3 x $5,000 per annum)

This scholarship is awarded to current Korean Studies Honours and Masters students at Curtin University of good academic standing to support Honours dissertation research on a topic focusing on Korea and utilising Social Sciences and Humanities research methods. These scholarships are supported by the Core University Program for Korean Studies through the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS-2022-OLU-225005). 

Applications for this scholarship have now closed. The scholarship applications were reviewed by three reviewers. 

Scholarship Recipients 2023

Sophia Ammali / Title: "The Unique Relationship Between K-Pop Fandom Membership, Civic Engagement and Political Activism: A Discourse Analysis of Perth BTS Fans"

Mimansa Jethro / Title: "Finally, Someone Who Gets Me!: Misogyny and Populism in the 2022 South Korean Presidential Election and its Appeal to the Victimised Young Man of Korea"

Catherine Taylor / Title: "The Big Green Gamble: Critically Assessing the Opportunities and Challenges facing Clean Energy Collaboration for Western Australia and South Korea"