Affiliate Researchers

KRC Affiliate Researchers collaborate with the centre on various research projects. If you would like to join the team as a research affiliate, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form.

Dr Jin Lee is a media scholar exploring the question of “How do marginalized people struggle to make their own lives across different media?” Jin studies the meanings and practices of media intimacies and visibility that are mediated and forged through cultural artifacts in pop cultures. She has edited four journal special issues and published over 20 articles and book chapters on various aspects of media pop cultures, including influencer ecologies and TikTok cultures. 

She is an expert in Korean digital cultures, particularly focusing on digital feminism and backlash in Korean pop cultures, Korean celebrity ecologies, and platform ecologies. She is currently serving as Research Fellow in Internet Studies at Curtin University and the ARC Centre for Digital Child, and Founding member of TikTok Cultures Research Network and of the Influencer Ethnography Research Lab

Jin tweets at @jinlee_media

Dr Hae-Jin Park

Born in Korea and raised in Paraguay, Hea-Jin Park is a historian whose work focuses on human migration from and to Korea. After completing her medical degree at the Universidad Nacional de Asunción, she received her doctoral degree from the Australian National University for her thesis on the history of South Korean agricultural migration to South America and was Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand, 2017-2018). 

Her current research explores the history of the Australian Presbyterian missionaries to Korea and their contributions to Korean society, especially in the fields of medicine and education. Linked to this project, she is the content creator behind @australia_in_korea Instagram account, a page dedicated exclusively to Australian Presbyterian missionaries who served in Korea since 1889. Hea-Jin’s latest project - “The tale of three Australian Granny Samsin (Australia-Korea Foundation, 2019-2020) - can be found here 

Hae-Jin is involved in the KRC's new project on Australia-Korea rural development.

Professor Susan Broomhall

Susan Broomhall was a Foundation Chief Investigator in the Korea Research Centre. She was previously an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. 

Her research explores emotions, material culture, gender and early modern global history, including European and intra-Asian contact with Korea in the period, and is author and editor of 23 books. In this vein, she is investigating Joseon women's emotional expression in letters, historical emotional engagement and ideas of belonging expressed through Joseon-era ceramics and heritage sites; Dutch and Jesuit encounters with Joseon Korea; and Koreans in Tokugawa Japan. 

Dr Nicola Fraschini

Nicola Fraschini obtained his PhD in Korean language and culture education from Korea University, and taught Korean language at Sogang University Korean Language Education Centre before joining UWA. 

He is currently Korean Studies major coordinator and researchers emotions and motivations in Korean language learning at Melbourne University Korean Studies.

Dr CedarBough Saeji

CedarBough T. Saeji is an assistant professor in Korean and East Asian Studies in the Department of Global Studies, Busan National University. Saeji has previously held positions at Indiana University, University of British Columbia, Korea University, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. 

A scholar of Korean performance who approaches issues from gender to cultural policy through examining everything from traditional mask dance dramas to the latest K-pop hits, Saeji's most recent publications are "Building a K-Community: Idol Stars Challenging Foreign Fans to Learn Korean Traditions" in Acta Koreana and "Embodying K-Pop Hits through Cover Dance Practices" in the edited volume Cambridge Companion to K-Pop

A book on invented tradition in Korea that Saeji co-edited was released in November 2021. A solo-authored monograph on Korean mask dance dramas and cultural policy in Korea is under review. Saeji tweets @TheKpopProf.