Student Workshops

2023 Curtin Korea Day 

September 14th, 2023, 10am onwards.

For ALL undergraduate students in Western Australia with interest in Korea!

Register for free dosirak lunch!

This event is open to all university students in Western Australia who have interest in Korea and Korean Studies so RSVP now as places are limited.

Curtin Korea Day will feature a number of visiting speakers from current students to former graduates and visiting academics, who will focus on giving you examples of where your Korean Studies major or specialisation can take you – including study abroad opportunities. We will also hear from visiting students from Korea, and get active with lantern making using traditional Korean paper hanji, and calligraphy writing.

You will also have an opportunity to take some selfies in hanboks and to eat some amazing Korean food FOR FREE!

Take part in a competition for great prizes!

In conjunction with this event, we will be running a competition for both University and high school students to enter with separate categories for each.

How to enter?

Submit a creative piece or an academic essay about how you see Australia-Korea relationship. Why is Korea important to Australia, and Australia important to Korea? What unites us and what is unique about Australia-Korea relationship? Where do you see yourself and your role in building this relationship?

Your submission could be (but is not limited to) a short essay (max. two pages), a poem, a painting, manhwa, webtoon, a short story – or even a song! Be as creative as you like - there are plenty of exciting prizes to be won from Korean novels to K-pop stuff to academic books!

Send your submission to  with your name and indicate whether you are a university/high school student.  Entries close by 10th September. Prizes announced on the day!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with other like-minded people on campus. Free lunch and coffee are available for all registered participants!

Registration is currently open for any student enrolled at a Western Australian University: (enrol quick! Registration numbers are limited and close on 10th September).

(Note: Selected high schools will be invited to attend directly. High school students must attend as part of a school approved group.)

This event will be hosted at Curtin University recently renovated TL Robertson Library Level 7 “Lantern” space! 


We've got brilliant public transport connection and heaps of parking!

See more details here.

2022 KRC Undergraduate Student Workshop

29th April 2022 

As COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted, this year the KRC will host a one-day student workshop aimed at undergraduate students in particular. The workshop is open for any undergraduate students enrolled in a Korean Studies or Asian Studies major or minor at any Western Australian University. 

The workshop will include short hands-on and interactive sessions such as "Where Can Your Korean Studies degree take You Next: Careers in Korean Studies"; "Further Postgraduate Study Opportunities in Korean Studies"; "Not-Exactly-Squid Game: Traditional Korean Games" (and yes there will be prizes but absolutely no violence!) and much more.

Look out for the announcement for our short writing competition on "Why Does Korean Studies Matter?" Scholarship Prizes will be announced on the day!

Free Korean lunch included for all registered participants!

2021 KRC Postgraduate eWorkshop

9-10 February 2021

The eWorkshop is designed to provide a forum for those enrolled in a research degree course such as PhD, MPhil or MRes in Korean Studies to present their research, and receive feedback and mentoring from established international scholars in the field of Korean Studies. Postgraduate students are invited to submit proposals for presentations that draw on their dissertation. PhD students should have passed their confirmation of candidature at the time of applying.

COVID-19 has resulted in traditional face-to-face conference formats migrating online, a transition that has made online presentation skills integral to academia. As such, one aim of this year’s workshop is to provide presenters with an opportunity to develop their online presentation skills. To do so, an eWorkshop format will be utilised.

For more details please click on the link: