Our People

The Korea Research & Engagement Centre staff are both established scholars at the host University, as well as postgraduate and honours students. We also provide an opportunity for researchers who work on Korea-related topics to join us as KRC Research Affiliates.

Our Researchers

The KRC core staff consists of academics based at Curtin University, and who work as part of the KRC AKS Core project.

Our Project Staff

KRC project staff are employed as part of external funded KRC projects.

KRC Research Affiliates 

KRC affiliate researchers are honorary members of the Centre, who have close collaboration links with the KRC.

KRC Research Student Affiliates

KRC Affiliate Research Students are both current and recent HDR or Honours students who work with the KRC staff.

KRC Visiting Scholars

One of the key goals of the Centre is to foster opportunities for early career researchers and other emerging scholars to build their research networks and gain opportunities to collaborate on research publishing projects. See this link for details of our KRC Visiting Scholars under the KRC Emerging Experts Scheme which provides funding for scholars to spend time at the Centre, and to collaborate with other scholars in Korean Studies.

Advice and Advocacy Board

The Centre has an Advice and Advocacy Board providing advice and guidance to the direction of the development of the Centre. The Advocacy and Advice Board consists of the following experts, industry and political leaders. The role of the Advice and Advocacy Board is also to help the project team to find opportunities to disseminate research findings beyond academia, and to provide advice and guidance to graduate students on career options as appropriate. 

Student Interns

Every year we host a number of student interns. If you are interested in doing internship with us, please send your CV to us.