2021 Korea Research Collaboratory

Beyond han: New interpretations of Korean emotions

4-5 February 2021

The Korea Research Centre at the University of Western Australia organised an Online Research Collaboratory in 4-5th February 2021. This innovative format explored emotions as a lens to examine aspects of Korean culture, society and history. Terms such as han, jeong, heung and perceived practices such as injeong juui, yeongo juui and inmaek have been claimed (by some) as distinctly Korean experiences of attachment and connection that have created a dynamic sense of self that is relational, interdependent, and interconnected. Most often these terms have been studied in psychological, therapeutic, pastoral and sociological contexts. With this collaboratory, we sought to broaden the analysis of such concepts and their lived experiences to analysis within the arts, literature, media, historical and contemporary social practice, by focusing particularly on their expressive forms.